Enable users to load online accounts with cash in real-time.

A mobile-first and secure experience.

Want to boost your user’s payment journey?

OKTO.CASH is a new, in-app payment method that streamlines users’ digital journey. The new payment method is fully aligned with online merchants’ vision to deliver an exceptional customer experience in every touchpoint with the user through an entirely seamless and frictionless topping up process.

We offer a fully immersed mobile on-premise experience, allowing users to top up their online gaming/ merchant account directly from any physical point-of-sale in real time, while never leaving the merchant’s mobile app or site. It modernises the payment experience in a faster, easier, safer and more compliant way, while also being the ideal solution for cash-oriented online consumers.

Flexibility and agility are the keys to put user’s experience in the fast lane!

Regardless of your business type, OKTO.CASH offers a model that suits your needs and demands, offering benefits for both you and your customers:


Streamline your users’ experience with the fastest payment method.

Streamline your users’ experience with the fastest payment method.

Step 1
Passaggio 1
Gli utenti selezionano OKTO.CASH come metodo di pagamento per il loro conto online.
Step 1
Passaggio 2
Gli utenti selezionano l’importo da accreditare.
Step 1
Passaggio 3
Viene generato un codice Paycode/QR/GS1.
Step 1
Passaggio 4
È possibile trovare il punto più vicino attraverso la funzione "trova rivenditore".
Step 1
Passaggio 5
Gli utenti mostrano il codice Paycode/QR/GS1 al rivenditore per la scansione.
Step 1
Passaggio 6
Gli utenti effettuano il pagamento presso il rivenditore e il denaro viene accreditato immediatamente sul conto, in tempo reale!

Get the flexibility to unlock the benefits of the OKTO.CASH payment method today.

At the core of our offering is a safe, secure and reliable electronic payments platform. Whether it’s mobile payments, e-commerce, or online gaming, we aim to make payments for merchants and users effortless, faster, simple and secure.

Through our proprietary technology that can be fully integrated into any merchant’s mobile gaming application or website, OKTO delivers all required components such as Paycode/QR/GS1 specs and store location service, which the merchants can add into  their website or app as a native flow. We work with most well-known frameworks in order to make integration even easier and faster and we cooperate with electronic money / payment institutions to the extent required in order to provide compliant solutions.

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Our agile and favorable commercial model will drive fast ROI for a new payment method and lower average transaction costs.